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On the River

On the River
It was an autumn evening and dark shadows were covering the river. An old, dirty boat, with two people in it, was moving silently through the water. The man had rough, grey hair, and cruel, sharp eyes. He was watching the water closely. His daughter, a pretty girl of nineteen, was holding the oars and rowing the boat through the shadows. There was nothing in the boat except some rope and a great iron hook. The man’s eyes watched every movement of the water,
and he had the greedy look of a cruel bird. The girl watched her father’s face and her eyes were fall of fear. These two knew the river well. They were doing something they had done many times before. Suddenly the man guided the boat towards a dark shadow and picked up the rope. The girl stopped rowing and pulled her cloak over her face. The man stretched out over the side of the boat until his arms and shoulders were in the river. When the boat moved on something heavy follow in the water. The man’s right hand that held something that he washed clean and then put in ha pocket. It was money. The girl’s face, half-hidden by the cloak, was very pale. Take that thing off your face, Lizzie,’ her father said. Here, give me the oars. I’ll row now.’ ‘No, no, Father Don’t move. I can’t sit so near it. ‘What harm can it do you? I sometimes think you hate this river.’ 
 I don’t like it, Father.’
The river’s your best friend, my girl, and mine too. Don’t we both make our living from it? The river gives us food and drink Lizzie.’
 The girl said nothing, but held out her hand to her father in 
a loving way Then she pulled back the cloak from her face and rowed on. At that moment, another boat, very like the first, came up out of the shadows.
In luck again, Hexam? Asked the man in the other boat. His voice was rough, and he had an unpleasant, twisted smile.Always in luck, you are, partner the man went on. I am no partner of yours, Rogue Rider hood, Hexam answered. You steal from the living. That is bad, that is. You are a thief and I’ll work with you no more. Those are cruel words, Jesse Hexam. You can’t get haired of me with words, partner.’ ‘Can’t I?’ said the grey-haired man. Then I’ll get rid of you with this boathook. Row on, Lizzie Row home as fast as you can.’ Lizzie rowed strongly and their boat soon left Rider hood’s behind. Lizzie’s father made himself comfortable and started to
Smoke his pipe. As the boat moved silently over the water, the thing at the end of the rope always followed. Sometimes it came near the boat and sometimes it pulled away like. Something alive. As it moved through the water, changes seemed to pass over the dead man’s face. For the thing that followed at the end of the rope was the body of a drowned man.


إذا أعجبك محتوى مدونتنا نتمنى البقاء على تواصل دائم ، فقط قم بإدخال بريدك الإلكتروني للإشتراك في بريد المدونة السريع ليصلك جديد المدونة أولاً بأول ، كما يمكنك إرسال رساله بالضغط على الزر المجاور ...

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