Coming home

By  Sony     فبراير 24, 2020     

Coming Home
A young man called John Harmon stood alone on the deck of ship sailing up the River Thames. He looked down at the dark river which he had not seen for fourteen years. Have I done right to come back? John Harmon asked himself. My father was always unkind to me when I was a child. Now he is dead and I am rich. But will this money make me happy? Shall I be happy, married to a girl that I have never seen? Old John Hamon had made a very stange will . His son,
John inherited all his father s money But only if he agreed to marry a girl called Bella Wilfet. Young John Harmon, unhappy and wihout a friend, had told his story to George Radfoot, asailor on the ship. Together, the two young men had mad aplan. George Radfoot was going to help john harmon disguise himself. Then Hamon would hide for a time and find our what kind of girl Bella Wilfer was. When I know what Bella is like, I can decide what to do, John Harmon told himself. Then I shall go to Mr Lightwood, my father s lawyer, and tell him who I am. The young man looked at the dark, dirty buildings on both sides of the river. Very soon his long voyage would be over. John Harmon turned and went slowly down to his cabin below. About an hour later, two young men left the ship. They both looked very much like each other. One was John Harmon and the other 
was George Radfoot. 
مدونة الارباح
مدونة الارباح

مدونة الارباح هي مدونة عربية تهتم بتعليم اسس الربح من الانترنات بطرق بسيطة

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